Air Curtains

Sudhai Air Curtains have the comfort of an open door without losing expensive heat. With minimum financial costs and with respect to the environment these are an ideal option for all premises that require a constant internal temperature, regardless of the weather.


Prevent Air Conditioning & Heat losses.


Prevents Insects and dust.


Maintain the the ambience of the environment.


Help in seperating two environments 


Cooler / Freezer applications



Selection Criteria


The physical dimensions of the opening


Type of Opening – customer entry, service entry, dock door etc. (Residential, Commercial, Industrial etc.)


Prevailing winds and temperatures on outside openings.


The existence of any drafts due to pressure differences at the opening.


aircurtain sudhai img.png
Over the long life of an Air Curtain system, tremendous benefits can be realized which pay for the system many times over. Some of these include:


  • Increased employee comfort.

  • Energy savings through control of air transfer.

  • Faster and safer traffic flow and increased production due to clear and open doorways.

  • Door maintenance cost savings due to decreased breakdowns.

  • Increased usable space near door areas.

  • Elimination of ice and fog in cold storage areas.

  • Increased safety in door areas due to better visibility.