Here at SUDHAI we strive to be recognized as a global leader in Air Curtains by our clients and collaborators. We are proud of our history and corporate culture, and are thus committed to growing and evolving without losing sight of our roots.

About Sudhai AirTech :-
Sudhai AirTech has been projecting and manufacturing a wide range of the most efficient, cost effective, reliable air curtains in the market.
Headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, the company offers expert advice on air curtain projects, system design, supply, service and after-sales support.
Our wide range covers everything from economical air curtains for small shop doorways to large industrial units for warehouses. We offer standard units with colour options to beautifully designed bespoke units, individually crafted to meet architectural designs for prestigious buildings and stores.
We at Sudhai AirTech combine state of the art equipment with highly skilled workers with the single focused product attitude.
Sudhai Air Curtains stand out for Slim design, simple mounting, high durability and powerful airflow. They act as a closed door and prevent intrusion of external hot, cold or impure air. They are designed to maintain required room climate and to save energy.
A unique venture  specially initiated for the technological advancement of the Air Curtain market.
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