Sudhai Air Curtains are impressive as a result of great efficiency and cost effectiveness, represent a standard of appealing design in solutions for commercial & Industrial applications and produce a stable Air curtain of air that invisibly separates the interior of a building from outside climatic influences. Expensive heat and cold energy therefore remains inside in the rooms. We are Exclusive Air Curtain manufacturer and boast wide range of Air Curtain for commercial & Industrial application.

Sensor compatible Air Curtain Single phase power requirements, ultra compact slim design, adjustable airflow angle and two speed control give you ultimate flexibility

With minimum financial costs and with respect to the environment these are an ideal Air Curtain option for all premises that require a constant internal temperature, regardless of the weather.

These Industrial Air Curtain range specially caters industrial applications and for height up to 5-6 meters.


These air curtains adopt high power, optimum machinery for high industrial performance and efficiency.

Basic high-performance air curtain with large coverage of commercial applications.


These slim air curtains are best suited for commercial spaces which demands efficient air curtains with aesthetic and eye caching looks.


Adopting the technology of German Electricity Machinery, these air curtains run smoothly with low noise.

We believe in innovation.


That is the reason why apart from above conventional air curtains, Sudhai AirTech has introduced below array of air curtains with customized options.


1) Recessed series (Ceiling mounted).

2) Fashion Breeze Series (Designer Models).

3) Clean Air Series (UV Air Curtains).

4) NanoTech (Drive Through Series)

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