Sudhai Smart Kiosk

Sudhai smart kiosk are equipped with multiple functions including hand sanitation along with temperature detection and additional mask detection. Recommended for workspace with high employee strength. Temperature measurement, Hand sanitation all-in-one machine is a convenient and fast system for human body temperature measurement, lightweight and, easy to use, simple installation, fast detection speed and other characteristics.

Kiosk panel.png
  • Hand Disinfection

  • Temperature check

  •  Marketing kiosk

  • water based hand sanitizer

  • 2000 ml to 5000 ml capacity

  • Also available in SS body

  • Easy to install and operate

  • Water tray below 

  • Sturdy MS Coated body

  • Easy liquid filling arrangement

  • Measuring Range - 30º C~45ºC

  • Work Environment - Indoor

  • Input Power - AC220V

  • Working Temperature - 0ºC~50ºC